Scent diffusers for your business

ScentTech Aromatics offers a variety of scent machines to accommodate your business size. From small scale, stand-alone units to larger units that connect to your HVAC system. Our machines can be leased on 12, 24 or 36 months' basis with refills of our aroma oils. Our leasing options can be found here  


What is Scent Marketing?

Scenting your business is all about establishing emotional ties between your brand and the customer. 75% of our daily emotions are directly affected by smell. Smell is processed in the limbic system, which is the part of the brain that is responsible for perception, emotions and memory. Our olfactory system allows us to identify up to 10,000 different smells. The power of scent can trigger memory, improve relaxation, enhance moods, mask unwanted smells and increase brand loyalty.

What are the benefits of using scent?

  • Boost sales by up to 44%. Studies have proven that a great smelling business will increase the intent to purchase.
  • Create a perception of quality. Customers attach a scented area or product with good quality and therefore are more prepared to pay more when shopping in your scented area.
  • Enhance mood. A great smell can boost worker productivity and enhance customer experiences.
  • Trigger memory recall. Certain scents have been proven to trigger memories. Creating nostalgia can go a long way to connecting with repeat customers.
  • Introducing certain scents can promote relaxation in high anxiety spaces, i.e. doctor’s offices, funeral homes, or airports.
For research findings check out our Resources Page

    How it works?

    ScentTech’s scent machines use cold-air diffusion to disperse our essential oil based aromas into your desired scenting area. Our oils are dispensed as nanoparticles which leave no sticky residue or mess. Our diffusers can be used as a stand-alone, wall-mounted, or connected to your HVAC system. Our machines can be customized to run during “business operation” hours and the scent intensity can be increased or decreased as desired.

    All of our oils are shipped with MSDS labels and have been manufactured by members of the International Fragrance Association (IFA). The IFRA Standards form the basis for the globally accepted and recognized risk management system for the safe use of fragrance ingredients and are part of the IFRA Code of Practice. These standards were implemented to protect both the environment and consumers.

    We carry over 90 different scents and food aromas that will give your business a memorable smell customers will enjoy. If you are not satisfied with our list of aromas, we can create a special scent just for you. 

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