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What does your home smell like?

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We offer aroma oils, essential oils and aromatherapy diffusers for homes, cars and businesses. 

Scent is responsible for 75% of our daily emotions and plays a major role in our decision making. The human nose can easily identify over 10,000 different scents.

We take a solutions based approach to add value to your business. We help build a lasting connection between your brand and your customers. This connection is bonded through the power of scent.

What does your home or business smell like?  Want to make it smell amazing? Let us help. 


Best essential oil atomizer ever

We tried this little power house (ST Infinity) on a trial basis. We have other brands of oil diffusers we use and this unit is hands down 100% better quality and delivery system of anything we have ever tried. Amazing oil selection as well.
After 10 minutes of use my wife made it very clear she must have this machine.
Love the rechargeable aspect which makes it very portable. Mike was very knowledgeable,personable and professional. Very impressed with the whole experience.

Jason Robinson

Simply put, the ST 3.0 model purchased works great and operates as advertised! Every time I entered a hotel or a business that constantly has that fresh smell in the air, I've wondered to myself, 'how do they do that?' and if it was possible to replicate it at home for the family and our guests to enjoy as well. And so, I went on a mission researching all sorts of devices, reading reviews, contacting the vendors and comparing costs. In my opinion, if you want your whole house to be covered with a scent, you need a device that can connect and work with your HVAC system to ensure the scented air is reaching every room of the house. There are other options out there that do this as well, but they are extremely expensive and really meant to be used in a space much larger than a typical home. Of course, ease of use, low maintenance, efficient oil usage and customer service are all important factors that were considered as well. I'm happy to say this unit and company checks off all those requirements. I've had this unit for about a month now and have it connected directly to my HVAC unit covering a 2 level house that is approx 3500 sqft. I've had a lot of compliments from guests entering the house. It never gets tiresome watching someone for the first time "sniffing" the air and watching their eyes wander around trying to find the source such as a plug in or on the shelf oil diffuser. 

Steve M

Wonderful product
Purchased at infinity and love it. I have tried so so many scent products to refresh my home and by far this is the best product I have ever had. The product is very well made and works amazing. The scent fills my home and it's roughly 700 sq ft. Also before I purchased this product I had a couple of questions and they got back to me within the same day. So if anyone is thinking of purchasing their products you will not be disappointed

Sharon Tisor

Scent-scape your business

ScentTech Aromatics can scent your business to enhance customer experiences, increase customer loyalty and brand recognition.  

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